Protecting Content Creators

Copyright protection is always a pressing concern for content creators. The Internet has made it easier than ever to share and access content, but this itself has given rise to a host of new and unique problems.

The ease by which content is accessible over the Internet makes it just as easy for unauthorized parties to steal them or use them for illegal purposes. Content creators often find themselves in the challenging position of having to share their creations and yet experiencing considerable difficulty in asserting ownership.

Audible Watermarks

C-Hear is a new technology that lets content creators incorporate audio information into their work. This system could be a useful tool for copyright protection for designers, and here’s how. Watermarks and notices are routinely included in visual content to signify copyright ownership, but the inclusion of audible watermarks provides an even higher degree of copyright protection. With the addition of copyright notices in audio form, ownership of unique content can be easier to prove.

Audio information can consist of details about:

  • The date of the copyright
  • The origin of the image
  • The format data
  • The use of the image

C-Hear makes it possible to include more information than standard copyright notices typically allow.

The Advantages of C-Hear Files

The use of C-Hear has several important implications for copyright protection for imagery. Much of the information included in the files created with C-Hear can be included in video files, of course, but C-Hear files are much smaller and more portable than video, even with the inclusion of extensive audio detail with the image. C-Hear files are therefore easier to transmit, share, and access, without the long loading times and buffering associated with large video files. The system makes it easier than ever to protect copyrighted material from unauthorized use and theft.

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C-Hear could be the most important new tool for copyright protection for content creators. As the system becomes more popular, it is only a matter of time before the use of this type of copyright protection becomes the standard in the graphic design industry. For more information about this new copyright protection technology, contact us.

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