Industries C-Hear Will Change

Image + (Audio+Text+Meta Data) = The Future

C-Hear is the future for accessibility, security, portability and fast processing for documents, transactions, archives and centralization of data in one place.

Medical and Educational

C-Hear enables developers to meet the healthcare industry’s highest priorities:

  • Move to Patient Centered Data
  • Data portability,
  • Interoperability
  • Move to cloud/web solutions
  • Web-based image sharing
  • Develop analytics
  • Mineable data
  • Deep learning using Artificial Intelligence

In the educational sphere, C-Hear makes it easy to incorporate questions and solutions into shared images. The system improves the flow of communication between students and teachers, which in turn, enhances the learning process considerably.


Imagine an UNFAKABLE legal document. Contracts, affidavits, witness statements, deeds, and even wills can now be made secure and portable with the C-HearCodec. C-Hear files can also contain text with audio verification for contracts and legal documents. C-Hear files can also contain audio watermarking for theft free copyright and imagery work.

Real Estate

We believe that the C-Hear file will help expedite all real estate transactions. Any process that requires an image or documents can be made more secure and fluid.


C-Hear understands the need for accessible, secure e-commerce processes. Now, imagine that same process with product imagery optimized for visually disabled customers and able to contain shipping and availability data.

Law Enforcement

C-Hear can consolidate and help manage data streams for local and federal law enforcement agencies. Imagine secure files with a mugshot, voice sample, finger print, and record in one place.

SEO & Websites

The C-Hear file paradigm will change the face of the Internet. Picture meta data actually encased in the image file. Picture “being accessible” becoming the new “responsive” in the eyes of search engine rankings and social media networks.

Picture C-Hear changing the game.

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If you want more information about this new, exciting technology, contact us. We are making it possible for Internet users to actually hear images for the first time.

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