C-Hear Can Change Music Forever

How will we change music?

The foundation of our technology and patent is a powerful file format that is a secure data container with digital rights management functionality.

We are giving labels and artists complete control of the links, meta data, images, and audio quality with minimal investment.

Digital Store Front

CHIFs can include links to buy products and merchandise or join social the media conversation. This makes every audio file a storefront, a PR agent, and a box office.

Developers can also create new links for each CHIF that goes out to be played – this is unprecedented e-commerce data collection.

High Resolution Audio

Most streaming and purchasable audio plays at 44KHz. Most music is recorded in a studio at 88.2KHz or 96KHz, and much is lost.

Artists and labels can charge a premium to play lossless compression music 48Kz and above to hear cleaner bass, treble, and mids.

Reach Your Biggest Fans

Engage your fans at the granular level. CHIF files create large analytics and troves of meta data that can be exploited.

Find your evangelists and super-fans that generate the most of your sales and revenue and reward them with perks and social media shout-outs; turn fans into salespeople.