Using CHIFs in Intelligence to Keep Americans Safer

We would like to introduce intelligence professionals to the CHIF and the C-Hear Cyber Security Environment. Within this environment, the intelligence organizations they serve can encode, display, protect, and manage CHIF files.

With compartmentalized CHIF files in this environment, those organizations will have a multi-layered defense in terms of access, tracking, and security.

World in Darkness
NSA Headquarters

Features Unique to CHIFs

C-Hear can consult with your cyber security specialists to build CHIFs into new environments or incorporate CHIFs into your organizations existing data framework.

  • Flexible piece-by-piece encryption methods that your team can implement whenever an your team encodes a CHIF.
  • Built-in Kill Switch and Remote Control to deactivate access to the file.
  • Unique ID for tracking and determining access info and file location

Can API Keep America Safer?

API (Application Program Interface) calls allow organizations to create or install and implement tools that access these advanced security features in your organizations.

This will allow your organization to integrate the CHIF files in unique environments and in many types of software.