Immutable Data

Once they are written and encoded, CHIFs cannot be changed or altered. In data science terms, this singular quality can make version tracking and security simple and straight-forward, 

BYOK encryption model

Each CHIF employs Bring Your Own Key encryption model for your data. This creates flexible encryption methods that your team can implement within the CHIF itself.

UUID – Universally Unique Identifier

Every file has its own unique ID making CHIFs almost impossible to be copied without your knowledge, helping organizations maintain the integrity of the files while controlling access to data.

Thank You for Your Service

CHIF files can help you protect the United States’ data from both foreign and domestic enemies.

CHIF Files for Public Health

CHIF files offer security, data collection and privacy features that could help all Americans.

Intelligent Is in Our Name

Intelligence branches of our government can build protected environments with C-Hear Intelligent Format files.

Financial Services Regulation

The US Government can increase SEC and FINRA compliance with this straight forward file format.