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Use CHIF to mange data storage and retrieval across the medical landscape

Constant change, disparate data, need for patient centered focus—the challenges facing today’s healthcare organizations are significant. With CHIF, you get the right technology foundation and a partner to help solve your biggest challenges.

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The basics

CHIF is a ubiquitous data rich codec file extension that is easily consumed by the web across all browser types. DICOM images, JPEGs, videos, metadata, audio sounds, dictation, text data, pdf reports, annotations, electronic signature data can all be contained in one central, contained CHIF file. The data in a CHIF file can be retrieved by any browser and transmitted consistent with HL7 and DICOM data exchange standards.

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The intelligent CHIF

Succeeding by knowing how to put your data to work.  Through AI and machine learning you can get answers to questions and uncover new opportunities. CHIF incorporates extensive metadata and analytic capabilities to solve some of the most complicated problems.

Quickly Adapt and Create Data Rich Apps with CHIF Technology

Harness the power of CHIF while leveraging your existing systems. Technology transformation shouldn’t mean “rip and replace”. CHIF stores data that you have and delivers it to where you need. All data types are stored logically without compression and central to the patient in one place. Existing systems can communicate efficiently with CHIF in a vendor neutral environment and extract necessary data accordingly. CHIFs unique capabilities allows for coordination of data from various legacy systems into one consolidated file regardless of data type. CHIF allows you to easily adapt and extend your currently applications and create new ones. The consolidation of enriched data provides endless analytics and AI capabilities.

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The DICOM Re-Imagined

CHIF is a DICOM “on steroids”. CHIF provides capabilities to store DICOM images, JPEGs, video, lab reports, annotations, dictation, extrapolated and new metadata, audio sounds, text and electronic signatures for the current patient complaint in one place. This provides physicians the ability to access and respond to the needs of their patients in real time. No need for proprietary software to access the data. CHIF is available for viewing across any browser to those granted permission.

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Patient Centered Data

Easy access data is critical when physicians are making time sensitive decisions. CHIF has the capability to store and transmit more data types than previously achieved. CHIF is not an application. It is a consolidation of patient data in one CODEC file.

Mobile Health Ready

The CHIF codec is mobile ready. One of the largest growth sectors in Healthcare is mobile app technology and telemedicine. CHIF provides and efficient means to store and transmit a wide range of data, such as, images, video, annotations, audio sounds, graphs, data points captured, etc in a vendor neutral environment. CHIF enabled data can be accessed by physicians and patients through any browser upon completion of an authentication process.

Future-ready technology

With the predictive capabilities of AI, clinicians can utilize a data driven approach to improve clinical and operational efficiencies and decrease overall healthcare costs.

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