Enhancing the Internet for Visually Impaired People

C-Hear can help blind and visually impaired people experience websites more fully through audio descriptions included in the still images that appear.

From family photos on your reunion website to product images for e-commerce, C-Hear brings still images to life.

Gigi and Pop are sitting with youngest grand daughter Sophie, with her older brother Noah.
This backpack comes in three colors: tan, blue and red. Featuring padded straps, reinforced seams and two front pockets as well as a mesh side pocket designed to hold a water bottle, this backpack is a durable and practical choice for carrying up to a 17-inch laptop, with extra room for files or books.

< E-commerce websites can tap into previously untapped markets and can offer products in increasingly helpful ways.


C-Hear can also help people who have trouble processing visual cues or understanding facial expressions by adding descriptors which help make images accessible.

Lisa and Jenn are smiling and hugging each other to show their excitement after winning their volleyball game.