C-Hear for Medical and Teaching Professionals

C-Hear can be used in the medical field for both patients and medical professionals. Explanations of test results, scans and x-rays can help patients understand the results they are seeing so they can better manage their health and make informed decisions.

Audio: Mr. Johnson's bile duct is  blocked by the gallstone clearly seen in this scan of the gallbladder.   Due to the size and placement of the stone, I recommend Laparoscopic Surgery to remove the stone.v

Medical professionals can maintain HIPAA compliance by including a HIPAA notice on any images in patient files.

Audio Example: This image is protected under HIPAA regulations and should not be viewed by non-essential personnel unrelated to the medical treatment of this patient. Please contact the HIPAA Compliance Officer for guidance on who may view the image.

Teachers and students can benefit from C-Hear as well by sharing questions and solutions within a specific image, which helps people learn both visually and audibly without a lengthy video process to get in the way.